Zak Mhammedi

Zak Mhammedi

Postdoctoral Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT working with Sasha Rakhlin on theoretical problems in machine learning spanning Reinforcement Learning, Controls, and Optimization. Before that, I was a PhD student in computer science at the Australian National University, advised by Bob Williamson and Wouter Koolen.


  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Control Theory
  • Optimization


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2021

    Australian National University

  • MPhil in Computer Science, 2016-2017

    The University of Melbourne


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Program Commitee: COLT 2021, COLT 2022

Reviewer: COLT 2019, COLT 2020, NeurIPS 2020, NeurIPS 2021, ICML 2020, ICML 2021, ICML 2022, AISTATS 2022, JMLR