Risk-Monotonicity in Statistical Learning

Pre-print 2020

Risk-Monotonicity via Distributional Robustness

Pre-print 2020

Learning the Linear Quadratic Regulator from Nonlinear Observations

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Lipschitz and Comparator-Norm Adaptivity in Online Learning

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PAC-Bayesian Bound for the Conditional Value at Risk

NeurIPS 2020 (Spotlight Presentation${}^{\star}$)

Lipschitz Adaptivity with Multiple Learning Rates in Online Learning

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PAC-Bayes Un-Expected Bernstein Inequality

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Geometry Aware Constrained Optimization Techniques for Deep Learning

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Constant Regret, Generalized Mixability, and Mirror Descent

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Efficient orthogonal parametrisation of Recurrent Neural Networks using householder reflections

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